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Subhangan Floor

Ajmer Road, Jaipur


Rs. 16 to 18 Lacs

Park Regency

Ajmer Road Jaipur

2/3/4/5 BHK

36 lacs onwards


Mansarover Jaipur

2&3BHK Apartment

40 Lacs onwards

Eldeco Hillside


1 & 2 BHK

16.5 lacs onwards

Shankra Residen...


2&3 BHK

19.42 Lacs Onwards

Vatika Urbon Wo...

Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Vatika Jaipur 2...

Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Vatika The Park...

Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Kohinoor Reside...

Sanganer, Jaipur

1BHK / 2BHK / 3BHK


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commercial plots, flats Jaipur
Power Of Attornery
Power of Attorney
KNOWN TO ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT I,______________S/o Shri_____________________ , presently staying in __________________________ and r/o ______________________, is the owner and is in possession of Residential Plot No. _____________sq.mtrs. situated at __________________________________________________________________________ AND WHEREAS due to my personal difficulties in the execution of conveyance deed and other formalities in regard to the Residential Plot No._________________________, I hereby unanimously resolve and decide to appoint my General Power of Attorney(s), Shri ____________________s/o Shri ___________________________________r/o ________________________________to act on my behalf jointly or severally inter alia the following:
  1. To present before any office, department, corporation including (concerned builder), Telephone Department etc. for obtaining the infra-structural facilities including the water, sewer, electricity, power connections at the said site or apply for the quotas, cement, bricks, iron, steel etc. The said attorney(s) shall be fully entitled and competent to sign all the agreements, affidavits, undertakings, correspondence for and on my behalf in this respect under his/her signatures.
  2. To sign and submit all the documents for executing the conveyance deed and shall also be fully authorized to sell, transfer, mortgage, hypothecate, let out and lease the said plot and premises to any person, firm or individual in his/her sole discretion and shall also be authorized to receive the full consideration in their personal name and issue the receipt/s and get the sale deed register before the concerned authorities.
  3. To sign, submit and appoint such other attorney in respect of all the matters and any litigation in any court or to defend the case in arbitration relating to the said plot and premises.
  4. To manage, control, supervise, sell, transfer, mortgage, gift, release, exchange or transfer etc. of the above said plot/premises to any person/office/bank etc. of their choice.
  5. To apply for the sanction of building plans to the concerned authorities and sign all the papers in this regard.
  6. To give on rent the above mentioned plot/premises to any tenant or tenants and get the same vacated and to realize the rent from the tenant or tenants.
  7. To sign, verify, present, pursue all kinds of applications, appeals, reviews and revisions etc. in all courts and departments concerned including civil court, revenue courts and criminal courts and to compromise and withdraw such proceedings, suits, applications, appeals, refer the matters to the commission, Arbitrator for decision and to deposit diet money and get it back and to give statement and to appear on my behalf.
  8. To apply for the electric and water connections in their own names are in the names of the other person/tenant and to deposit or withdraw the necessary security deposit in the concerned office.
  9. To enter into an agreement for sale with any person and to get the earnest money/ full consideration from purchaser(s) and to get the same registered with the concerned Sub-Registrar and issue the receipt for the same.
  10. To apply for and get the Income Tax Clearance under section 234-A from the Income Tax Department.
  11. Generally to do act and perform all such acts, deeds and things thought fit and proper by the attorney(s) for management, completion, performance of the said duties and formalities which are not even specifically mentioned in this deed.
  12. This Power of Attorney(s) shall remain valid and perpetual till this plot/premises is formally transferred and registered before the concerned authorities in favour of any person, firm or individual and thereafter this general power of attorney shall automatically stand cancelled and revoked without any further declaration from my side.
  13. This Power of Attorney is irrevocable.
I do hereby ratify and confirm that all such acts, deeds and things done by the said attorney(s) regarding the above mentioned plot/premises shall be binding on me in all respects.

Hence, this General Power of Attorney is signed and executed by me at (Place) on the ____ day of (Month)____________,(Year)________, in the presence of the following witnesses:





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